We love having Highland cattle for a lot of reasons...

Here are just a few:

The marbling of the beef gives the same tenderness and tastiness as the other larger breeds. Studies in the US have verified that Highland Beef is 38% lower in fat content and 4% lower in cholesterol than steaks from local supermarkets. 

Studies in the UK list the quantities of fat per 100 grams as: 


Highland Beef Overall 4.5 g/ 100g 

Other Breeds Beef Overall 15.6 g/ 100g 


Highland Beef Overall 40.9 mg/100g 

Other Breeds Beef Overall 64.3 mg/100g 


Highland Beef Overall 20.7 g/100g 

Other Breeds Beef Overall 18.6 g/100g 


Highland Beef Overall 2.1 mg/100g 

Other Breeds Beef Overall 2.0 mg/100g 

Scottish Agricultural College, Dept. of Food Science and Technology published by McCance & Widdowson, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

Download the Unversity of Missouri Beef Study.