The LeTourneau Family

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When someone asks us, "How long have you been homesteading?" it is always a difficult question to answer. Because for as long as we have been a family, we have been a homestead. See, homesteading is more than just having animals, or land and crops in the field; Homesteading is a mindset. Contrary to poplular opinion, It is not about preserving and prepping for a future lack; Homesteading is about living in and sharing out of the abunance and blessings you have been given. We see the fundamental role of a homestead and garden tending as a responsiblity we have to steward what we have been given and manage it well and live thankfully for what we have been given.

So whether it was how we shopped for groceries, and cooked with our friends as a young married couple on college campus in Tulsa Oklahoma, or now as grandparents on our family farm, we have tried (often imperfectly) to operate with that as a mindset. We have been blessed with each other, with our Children, and now  grandchildren, with a community, a wonderful church family, our Jobs, our talents, our land, our animals, etc. So much to be thankful for, and be responsible to and learn from. So, we want to manage it well and point to the one who provided it all.